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Hey guys! Mayank here! And today I will share few of my not so professional photography tips to get better photographs.
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Hey guys! Mayank here! And today I will share few of my not so professional photography tips to get better photographs.

So its not a necessity to have a super expensive DSLR camera to capture some amazing photos. You see everyone is a photography these days. Be it a cell phone photographer, a digicam photographer, a passionate DSLR photographer or a professional DSLR photographer. But everyone is a photographer. Everyone loves clicking photos with whatever photo-capturing device they have.

So here are few very basic elementary photography tips for all the camera loving persons out there!

#Tip 1. Good lighting! Now since most of you are using your cell phone cameras or you digital photo cameras, please don’t expect your camera to capture a brilliant still with poor lighting condition. Light up your scene as much as possible to get the right exposure to get the brilliant still.

#Tip 2. Use the sunlight. Thats the cheapest and the best light source available for free.

#Tip3. Stay stable. Stability is the most important of a good photograph. And since most of the Cell phone cameras and digital cameras aren’t actually having full manual controls, you need to be stable to get a good photograph! Else you end with something like this!

#Tip4. Focus! Focus on your subject or your model is one the most important thing to get a sharp, crisp clear image. Well if you don’t have your subject in focus then boy you suck at photography.

And lastly the #Tip 5! Follow the rule of thirds. Meaning frame your subject according to the rule of thirds. Rule of thirds divides your frame in 9 equal parts by two equal horizontal and vetical lines so your subject or compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections. Aligning a subject with these points creates more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject would.

Now I am not saying that you cannot get amazing photographs without following these rules! Of course you can. But that will only happen once when you are aware of these basic photography rules and you know what your compostiotion should look

So I hope this video helped all you beautiful photographers out there and if doesn’t then.. Well, I just hope it does!

Be sure to comment, rate and subscribe if you like this video. This was the basic to get you all started with the photography awesomeness!

So go get photographing! If thats even a word and I will see you soon!


Ever wondered how professional photographers take such great outdoor portraits? Using your camera’s flash is the key.┬á In this tutorial, discover the ins and outs of using your digital camera’s flash outdoors.┬á From exposure modes and settings to positioning models, your digital photos will improve in no time.
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