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Sea wall … not an HDR
Digital Photography
Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
Low light landscape photography … My personal favorite ever !!! I try to seek for natural low light ambient conditions and when I find them I experiment a lot on capturing the best possible image …

The area of Nea Krini at Thessaloniki is capable of producing excellent looking minimals, very early in the morning and especially under heavy cloudy conditions … I turned my light metering mode to spot so as to urge Olympus to take into consideration only the light that lies around the lighting house of the sea wall … I also turned my exposure compensation down by -1,30 EV … I took down the image that you all see above …

A little bit of saturation and contrast adjustments, along with locally applied dodging and burning was all I needed … I took the result I was looking for by simply making "unusual" camera adjustments and by using a compact camera that doesn’t provide for a manual program …

EXIF: High end compact Olympus Digital Camera SZ-31MR , Normal program , f 3,3, Focal Length 5,5 mm, ISO 80, spot metering mode, light source fine weather, manually adjusted white balance, auto focus mode, HDR processing was completely unnecessary, exposure compensation turned down to – 1,30 EV, shutter speed 1/60 s, use of tripod, no flash …

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Project 9
Digital Photography
Image by kmarski
Senior year at LHS in Digital Photography.

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