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Digital Photography
Image by ramnath bhat
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Early sunrise colors + ORTON effect … HDR
Digital Photography
Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
It stands by the seaside just before dawn reminding me of an old, wrinkled face sailor that smokes its pipe while staring motionless at the vast, eternal sea … Old and tired yet "experienced" and "wise" grows older and older reaching at its inevitable physical end that, alas, doesn’t look too far away … But even now the sea is all he’s got …

The Orton effect adds a dramatic yet dreamy aura to the whole synthesis …

NIKON D90 with Nikon Nikkor 18-55 mm lens, Manual Mode, shutter speed 1/60 s, f 8, focal
length 48 mm, use of HOYA ND X 2 filter, white balance adjusted to cloudy weather mode, center weight average metering mode, HDR made by only one original RAW shot, flash didn’t go off, no tripod …

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Still Life 8
Digital Photography
Image by binrock.mike

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